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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

May 11th, 2009 · 1 Comment

First the ugly, the webmaster of a commercial website, has copied many of the A. C. Gilbert Catalog scans from to his own website, and posted his own copyright notice on them. These photographs are the property of, and of the people who submitted their scans for publication here. Anyone can photograph the statue of Liberty and use the photo, but if you take my photo of the Statue of Liberty and use it without my permission, then you have committed a copyright violation.

I of course have the original scans of these catalogs, and they are much larger (300 dpi) than the ones currently posted on this website. Each catalog page has minor flaws, creases, folds, dots and so forth that make it easy to identify that the scans are the same, but beyond that, as I said, I have the original high resolution scans. I would rather not dwell on the ugly right now…

Skipping to the good, I have decided to upgrade the catalog section of the website to higher resolution scans, I call them “HR”. Server space is plentiful and as the years have gone by, many of you have gotten larger and higher resolution monitors that can handle scans a fair amount bigger. Also the growing use of DSL and cable modems have made larger file sizes practical. If you still need the smaller scans, they will of course also be available.

Now out with the bad. Because of justified concerns of piracy, the new larger scans will have a very light watermark. I will do my best to see that the watermarks do not get in your way, and they will be subtle enough that you may not see them without looking for them, but it is the only way I can put higher resolution scans on the website. As in the past, if you or your train club wants a page or two for non-commercial use, I will be happy to provide a limited number of scans without the watermarking.

The first HR catalog will be of the 1946 catalog. In my next website article I will describe to you what it took to make the original catalog available to you, and explain the improvements that the new jpegs will have. The process of upgrading the 1946 catalog is expected to take a couple of weeks, and I will announce it when the upgraded pages are available for viewing.

For many years I have enjoyed bringing to you the A. C. Gilbert Catalog content. As I upgrade the catalogs, I will be also adding other Gilbert paper to the website as time permits.

Again, thanks for each and every time you visit!


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  • 1 bassflyer // Dec 28, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Great site Chuck! Thanks for posting our photo albums here!


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